How to Overcome Google Panda and Penguin Updates

panda penguin by seo company w3originIn the last few months, we became familiar with following terms:

# We lost our top ranking.
# My website disappeared from Google Search.
# My ranking is fluctuating on daily basis.
# Earlier my website was on Top 3 position now my current ranking is 100 plus.
# I don’t know why but, one by one I am losing ranking for all my keywords.
# Whenever I perform any Off Page activity for my website, my ranking goes down.
# How to maintain the ranking?
# SEO for my website is ongoing but still I am suffering for ranking.

All the above mentioned points indicated that your website is penalized by Google Panda Update or Google Penguin Updates. Basically Google updated to display the ethical and appropriate search results. If your website is penalized it means you must have done something unethical. Now the big question is- how to identify that what type of spam work you have done? How to identify the penalty? – is it Panda or Penguin. We all know that Panda is all about Content Quality and Penguin is all about Backlink Quality. If your website is penalized by Panda, your whole page or the whole website will be affected but if your website is penalized by Penguin, then you may lose ranking for that particular keyword for which you have done work aggressively. Now you just perform an analysis about the ranking of all your keywords in last 3 months and see the ups and downs of all keywords to identify the penalty. Once you identify, you can handle it effectively. Now suppose you are suffering from both penalties and then what will you do? – It’s an easy job. In rough language – to overcome these penalties is a matter of patience. You must keep patience to handle these penalties.

panda update graph w3origin Now I will come to the topic again – if your website is affected by Google Panda and Penguin Updates do following activities initially:

Phase 1 – Research

1- Analyze the content of your website. Is your website Search Engine Friendly, User friendly and 100% theme based, 100% Original and you must check whether your content is copied or not ?
2- Analyze the backlinks of your website by using SEO Reven, Majestic SEO or Google Webmasters Tool. Kindly do a proper research on all the backlinks. Make sure all the backlink pages are theme based, must have content, must have proper indexing in Google, they must have original content. In simple word, findout whether all the backlinks are relevant or not.
3- Findout all the useless and dead pages of your website.
4- Findout all the outbound links of your website.
5- Check the On Page of your website. Make sure your website is not over optimized.
6- Find out Canonical errors (www and non www) and 404 errors.
7- Find out all the similar pages of your website which are giving same information.
8- Findout all the pages which contains low quality content or less content.
9- Check the HTML Improvements by using Google Webmasters tool.

Phase2 – Implement

1- Change the content of your website. Use high quality content, your content should be original and must focus on your services or products or whatever is your theme. Put at least 1000+ words if you want to get proper ranking. Tell your content writers to use Synonymous of all your targeted keywords. Remove all the previous content and put fresh content on all the pages.
2- The most important thing after content is Backlinks – remove all the links from those sites which are irrelevant, not indexed by Google and having no content or duplicate content. If you are unable to remove all those links, they tell Google by using Disallow tools that you tried but you are not able to remove such links. Make sure that you are getting one backlink from one domain. One more thing – avoid targeted keywords as your anchor text. It would be better if you are getting backlinks by using your brand name.
3- Remove all the useless pages of your website which has no importance in to user point of view and redirect all those pages to Home pages or similar pages.
4- Use Nofollow all the outbound links of your website.
5- Make sure that your website is not over optimized. If you have done over optimization then use all the irrelevant Keywords and tags.
6- If you website is having Canonical error, remove it by using 301 Redirection (htaccess). Use 404 to solve page not found error.
7- Remove similar pages which are containing similar information and instead of using different page, use one effective page by using quality content.
8- Findout all the pages which has less content or low quality content. Update the content and remove all unwanted information.
9- Make sure your website is not having Duplicate Titles, Descriptions. Update your Title and Description by using unique Title and Description on every page. You can findout all those pages which have similar or short Title and Descriptions by using Google Webmasters Tool. Google-Penguin-algorithm-update-Google-Docs by w3origin

Phase 3 – Wait and Watch

Time Duration – 1-3 months to perform all the above mentioned activities.

# Analyze your content and Backlinks.
# Update your content; remove all the irrelevant, dead and spammy backlinks. # Once you will finish all the above mentioned activities – you will start getting positive results (not immediately). Keep patience and stay positive.

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