Keyword Research Process For SEO vs PPC

seo-vs-ppcAs per my experience in SEO and Internet Marketing I got to learn that Keywords are the most important part for whole campaign as the whole strategy move around the keyword selection. It happens several times with me that clients asked my lots of question about the keyword selection that why those keywords are not selected which was chosen by them or what are the major differences between those keywords which we have chosen by which have chosen. Or some time they suggest me very relative keywords which we have finalized. Later I realized and gave lots of time to research the facts about the effectiveness of keywords for SEO and for PPC both. Each and every time I faced some interfere by client’s side while choosing the keywords for SEO as well for PPC. Now I have decided to findout the solution.

Before making any conclusion about keywords, one must have very clear mind about the goals, the methodology and the stability of the successful results and where you will use all these keywords.

First of all we must accept that PPC and SEO are not the same things and the keyword selection process must be different from each other as they both belong to very much different functionalities. In SEO the whole keyword selection process moves around the fact that what keywords are people using to search on internet, so here we try to understand the people’s mentality and interest towards their searching capability. But in PPC we bid for keywords so we should always bid process in our mind while selecting a keyword. Here we pay for each and every click so we must think those keywords which have potential to earn money though our each click.

In PPC, basically we use the keywords for ad groups and for PPC Campaigns and we put the keyword on the landing page also. Here we have very high quality score so the keywords should have very deep correlation. But in SEO our whole SEO Strategy move around the selected keywords and keywords should always be according to the theme and the content of our webpage. Here we have great chance to put the keywords in different different pages according to the theme and content of that page. We have different pages with different keywords to focus for ranking.

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